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Sierraville Fire & Resuce Pumpkin Patch: October


Show & Shine ~
Classic Car Show & Crafts
Loyalton Fire Department

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Sierraville Fire & Rescue ~ Our Mission

Sierraville Fire and Rescue preserves life, land, property,and resources. We promote public safety, fostering a progressive community, through leadership, education, and responsible resource management.learn this here now Responding rapidly to emergencies, and delivering appropriate intervention, we are ever present and expeditious.


Looking beyond our individual positions, we promote teamwork and organizational efficiency. Sierraville Fire and Rescue ensures a working environment characterized by trust and respect, always acting toward the good of the community and crew. Our Department, and our community, have our full commitment and dedication.

Supporting Your Fire Department: There are many ways to support our volunteer fire department. Attending events and fundraisers sponsored by the department is a sound investment in the community. Financial contributions are tax deductible. Be sure to keep a record of your donation and remember to take the deduction at tax time next spring. Your donation ensures we are able to meet all of our financial obligations and operate under a balanced budget. It is the combinations of volunteer hours, your financial contributions and sound fiscal management that will allow us to avoid a full-time paid, tax-funded department in the future, which will be much more costly for residents, and will allow us to serve and protect you, as the occasion may arise.